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Artist Bio & Resume

My career began when I came to the United States of America in 2003 after successfully obtaining my cosmetology license. As I gumed expert knowledge in skin care and cosmetics, I was eager to learn the best practices and techniques within the industry.

In 2009, I found my true calling, Permanent Makeup! I was able to enroll, learn, and complete "Master Permanent Makeup" training. I have traveled to countries like China, Poland, and the Dominican Republic for advanced teachings with the best Permanent Makeup Artists After years of experience and dedication in mastering my permanent makeup skills, many estheticians and cosmetologists inquired about training. With the increased demand of learning permanent makeup, I obtained my Instructor's Certificate to teach Permanent Makeup.

Under the Illinois Department of higher Education, I am permitted and certified to teach potential artists Basic Permanent Makeup and Microblading. As an instructor, my offered training courses have become very popular. Because permanent makeup and microblading training is so detailed, I only offer one-on-one individual training or sessions that do not exceed 2 students. This allows each student to get undivided attention from the teacher to help students focus on strengths and weaknesses. I take pride in offering the best hands-on training experience and offering all students the individual guidance needed to successfully complete Permanent Makeup Training.

As part of the training, all enrolled students will work on LIVE models practicing safety procedures and perfecting their craft as a permanent makeup artist. Upon completing my permanent makeup training courses, each student will receive a certificate of completion approved by the Illinois Department of Education.

For more information on our training options, please call 312-226-0777 (english) or email:
Telefon: 224-848-0873 (po polsku)

For more information on our training options

Call 312-226-0777 (english) or email:
Telefon: 224-848-0873 (po polsku)